I’m Monir Khan (you may know me by MD Khan)  and  

My coding life started in 2003 with learning Pascal in a polytechnic institute name Centre For Computer Studies(CCS) in Dhaka, Bangladesh. During my four years study in that institute, I learnt C/C++, Visual Basic, Web site development with HTML and CSS and basic Assembly Language. I graduated in 2006 with the certificate of Diploma in Engineering that is equivalent of associate degree in U.S.A.

That engineering degree wasn’t not enough to fit in the corporate level though it has some value in the associate level field. In Bangladesh, society doesn’t give the value that kind of diploma engineer (people call it half engineer).The most respect full engineering degree is known as BSc Engineer.

Not only  for the society concern, I realized I need to go to University to achieve the BSc engineering title but also the level up my skills to enter in the corporate environment.  With this mind, I admitted in BSc in Computer Science and Engineering in Daffodil International University (DIU). During in DIU, I had served associate instructor in CCS.

While one semester left (out of eight) in DIU, I won the Diversity Visa (DV) lottery in 2009 meaning I got American Green card. So I came to America in May 2009 without completing the graduation.

All the time since 2012, I had a secret pain of not completing the graduation in DIU. With the new energy and new dream I admitted in University Massachusetts Boston (UMASS Boston) with transferring my credits from DIU. I was pursuing BSc in Information Technology.  I graduated in 2014.